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Các câu chúng ta cần biết nói khi đi ra nước ngoài

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Tại sân bay:

1. Where is tourist information?
2. Where can I get the boarding pass for MU flight?
3. Where can I get my baggage?
4. I have to catch a connecting flight.
5. What gate is for Flight 23 to San Francisco?
6. Which way is that?
7. I just missed my connecting flight.
8. What time will be the next flight?
9. Excuse me. Where is boarding gate 3?
10. Is there a smoking area?
11. Can you recommend an economical hotel?
12. Is there a bus to the city?
13. Is there a hotel that costs under 60 dollars a night?
14. Where is the taxi stand?
15. Could you recommend a hotel in downtown?

Đón tắc xi:

1. How much does it cost to take a taxi to this address?
2. Take me to this address, please.
3. Hilton hotel, please.
4. Let me off here.
5. Anywhere around here is fine.
6. Keep the change.

Tại khách sạn:

1. I would like to book a room.
2. I'd like a single room.
3. I’d like to book a double room for 3 nights.
4. How much is a double room per night?
5. I'd like a room with a nice view.
6. Can I have an extra bed for my room?
7. I’m arriving late. Please keep my reservation.
8. When does the dining-room open?
9. When is breakfast served?
10. Where can I keep my valuables?
11. I'd like to order room service, please.
12. I would like to have a wake-up call at 5:30.
13. What is the check-out time at this hotel?
14. Do you have a bus service to and from the airport?
15. Could you show me my room?
16. Where is the elevator?
17. Where is the emergency exit?
18. The bed sheets are dirty.
19. There's no hot water in my room.
20. Where can I get some ice?
21. The air-conditioner is not working.
22. I'd like to check out.

Mua sắm:

1. May I try this on?
2. Do I need to pay tax?
3. Can I pay by credit card?
4. It’s too expensive.
5. Can you come down a little bit?
6. Is this your final price?
7. I’d like one size up.
8. I’ll take this one.
9. Where is the cashier?
10. Where can I change money?
11. Is there an ATM machine around here?

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