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Listening - lesson 2

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0:17lesson 2
0:22basic patterns
0:26hi I'm Marvin
0:29my name is robert
0:33you can call me Beth
0:37are you Tina
0:39yes I am
0:43meet my friend
0:46this is my bro
0:47other Thomas
0:50come say hi
0:53have you met my sister
0:57have we met before
1:00do I know you
1:03I'm new around here
1:06let me introduce
1:10I know you
1:13I'd like to introduce you to my boss
1:31hi I'm Marvin Marvin my name is Robert I'm here to play baseball could we need
1:38more people to play I'm not very good that doesn't matter we're just here for
1:50I'm Amy and you are my name is Elizabeth you can call me Beth that is my mother's
1:56name really I'm named after my grandmother actually amy is not my real
2:02name is Amanda why do you go by Amy I don't know ever since I was young that
2:09it's what people have called me that's interesting
2:18good morning i'm looking for dr. colds office I'm doctor called how can I help
2:23you I'm Dave Fowler my stomach has been hurting is it an emergency
2:28oh no it's not that bad I just need to make an appointment please talk to my
2:33secretary over there thank you doctor I will see you soon
2:45you what can I do for you yes I'm Bill Paxton I left my car here last week is
2:52it repaired yes sir it is Mr Paxton can you sign your name here no problem
2:57ok it's around back I will bring it up front thanks what's the damage to the
3:02car no I mean what is the cost I'll have to check with the mechanic be right here
3:14hi there are you Tina yes I am how did you know my name I'm friends with your
3:20roommate Bob oh I didn't catch your name
3:23yeah I'm sorry my name is Tony pleased to meet you tell me
3:28same here
3:46my name is robert
3:48my name is Sarah
3:51my name is Henry
3:54my name is Ramon
4:01I just need to make
4:04I just knew
4:05meet to set up an appointment
4:08I just need to schedule an appointment
4:11I just need to arrange an appointment
4:20good we need more people to play
4:24good we need more guys to play
4:28good we need more women to play
4:32good we need more persons to play
4:40good we need more people to play
4:44great we need more people to play
4:47excellent we need more people to play
4:51awesome we need more people to play
4:59we're just here for fun
5:02we're just here for pleasure
5:05here for enjoyment
5:08we're just here for recreation
5:15I'm not very good
5:18I'm not very skillful
5:21I'm not very talented
5:23I'm not very experienced
5:31oh that is my mother's name
5:34oh that is my amps name
5:38oh that is my sister's name
5:43that is my grandmother's name
5:50ever since I was young that is what people have called me
5:56since I was little that is what people have called me
5:59ever since I was small that is what people have called me
6:05ever since I was a child that is what people have called me
6:14is it an emergency
6:17is it urgent
6:19is it serious
6:21is it critical
6:29oh I didn't catch your name
6:33oh I didn't get your name
6:36oh i didnt hear your name
6:40oh I didn't recognize your name
6:48I'm friends with bob your roommate
6:51I'm friends with bob your boss
6:54I'm friends with your boyfriend
6:58friends with bob your brother
7:05my stomach has been hurting
7:08my chest has been hurting
7:12arm has been hurting
7:15my head has been hurting
7:23no I mean what is the cost
7:27well I mean what is the expense
7:31no I mean what is the price
7:34no I mean what is the total
7:42I'm here to play baseball
7:45I'm here to play basketball
7:48I'm here to play football
7:51here to play soccer
7:59I'll see you soon
8:01I'll see you later
8:05I'll see you next week
8:22boards are
8:23very popular for americans to play and to watch
8:26Americans of all ages enjoy a variety of sports some were created in america
8:34baseball for example is considered the traditional American sport
8:39basketball maybe even more popular
8:42both sports are becoming popular in other countries
8:48other sports come from outside america
8:52hockey is popular in the Northeast but was created in Canada
8:56soccer is the American name for what the rest of the world calls football
9:02what Americans call football is a very different kind of game it is rough and
9:07often involves injuries
9:10many Americans take sports very seriously and enjoy competing with each
9:16some think winning is important but others think it is more important to
9:20just have fun

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