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Small Talk - Give me your lunch money

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A: Give me your lunch money.
B: Stop it or you will be sorry.
A: Are you arguing with me?
B: I'm tired of you taking my money.
A: I'm going to give you one last chance.
B: Are you going to hit me?
A: I'm going to hit you hard.
B: I'll just tell the principal.
A: You are lying.
B: Just hit me now, and you'll see I'm not lying.
A: Okay, okay, I'll leave you alone!

A: I have a date with Mary tomorrow.
B: Don't you have a date with Dorothy?
A: My date with Dorothy is at 12 p.m.
B: You have dates with both of them?
A: What's wrong with that?
B: Does Mary and Dorothy know about this?
A: No, should they?
B: I think they would be upset if they knew.
A: I'm just dating them. It's not serious.
B: Why don't you tell them that?

A: I repainted my house, so I need some new furniture.
B: What pieces are you looking for?
A: A new table, a sofa, and maybe a reading chair.
B: What's wrong with your old furniture?
A: It doesn't match the room anymore.
B: Is it still comfortable to use?
A: Yes. I think I will sell it.
B: You can also get it re-upholstered.
A: Are you crazy? That is much too expensive!
B: It depends on where you have it done.
A: I still say that it takes too much effort.
B: Trying to help you takes too much effort, too.

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