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Small Talk - Did you stay up late watching TV again?

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A: I'm so tired today.
B: Did you stay up late watching TV again?
A: No, I tried to sleep at 11 p.m.!
B: And you couldn't fall asleep?
A: No. I lay in bed until 3 a.m.
B: Isn't that the time you usually fall asleep?
A: I suppose it is, actually.
B: Your body is too used to going to sleep really late.
A: What should I do? I'm tired.
B: Try to tire yourself out and sleep early today.
A: Tonight is the season finale, though…
B: You're hopeless!

A: How many cups of coffee have you had today?!
B: I don't know, three, maybe?
A: Don't you think that's a little too much?
B: No way! Coffee is good for you.
A: Too much of anything is bad for you!
B: What about water?
A: Sure! People drown all the time.
B: Well, I'd happily drown in coffee.
A: Did you know coffee stains your teeth brown?
B: Does it, really?!
A: Yes. Your teeth will rot if you drink too much.
B: I'd better stop, then; girls like nice, white smiles!

A: Why are you using crutches?
B: Can you keep a secret?
A: Of course I can! What happened?
B: I sprained my ankle yesterday.
A: What were you doing?
B: It's kind of a secret.
A: Why is it a secret?
B: I'm a spy, and if I tell you, I'll get in trouble.
A: Do you really expect me to believe that?!
B: Alright, I'll be serious this time.
A: Good. What really happened?
B: I got hurt during my ninja training.

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