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Small Talk - How are you doing today?

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A: Hi! How are you doing today?
B: I am fine.
A: Just so you know, we have a huge sale today.
B: Good to know.
A: We also have dresses that just came in today.
B: Can you please stop talking?
A: I beg your pardon?
B: I just want to shop, but you keep talking.
A: I'm just doing my job.
B: You're not very good at doing your job.
A: It's my job to tell you about our sale.
B: You're just really annoying.

A: I have overtime next week.
B: What does that mean?
A: It means I'm working more hours than usual.
B: What are your usual hours?
A: I usually work 8 hours a day for five days.
B: How about next week?
A: I'm working another 8 hours on Saturday.
B: But Mom was planning a party on Saturday.
A: I can't make it.
B: Can't you tell your boss?
A: That's not how the real world works.
B: I wish the world was perfect.

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