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Thành Ngữ - English Business Expression

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Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision
Peter Drucker

Business English expression

1. 800 pound gorilla – the biggest, most powerful group or company
Example: “if we follow our plan to make this new software, we’re going to have a lot of competition, including 800 pound gorilla, Microsoft “

2. (a rising tide that) lift all boats – something that help all peoples or all groups
Example: “We’re only number three, but the current economic growth will lift all boats, so we’re sure to make a profit for this year.”

3. An old hand – a person who has long experience, especially in one place
Example:  “He can help us set up a new company. He has been working in this industry for man years and knows the language of business – he is really an old hand on at this.”

4. At the 11th hour – very last, at the last minute
Example:  “ They negotiated until late at night and it seemed they would never agree. Finally, at the 11th hour, they came to an agreement. 

5.  On shoestring – with limited money
Example:  “ They started their company on a shoestring and built it up to one of the largest companies on the world.”

6. Bring to the table – whatever you can possibly offer
Example:  “I will meet with teacher Joe’s new company to show him what we can bring to the table.”

7. Carve out a niche – find a special market that you can control
Example: “ To succeed in this competitive world, you have to focus on part of it. Try to carve out a niche and be number one in that.”

8.  Deep pockets – have a lot of money
Example: “if there is a price war, we won’t win because we don’t have deep enough pockets.”

9. Down time – when equipment of facilities are not available, so you cannot work
Example:  “they will probably be a lot of down time at the conference, so I’m bringing a lot of paperwork.

10. (draw) a line in the sand – make final conditions that cannot be changed
Example:  “we have to draw a line in the sand so they will see that this is really our final offer.”

11. Free ride – get benefit at no cost
Example:  “Of course we should make them pay for our travel expenses. Why should we give them a free ride?”

12. From day one – from the beginning
Example:  “Techer Joe has been providing the best English-learning website from day one!”

13. Get your foot in the door – have a small opportunity that can become big opportunity in the future, if you do good work.
Example: “right now, I just want to get my foot in the door, so they can see what I can do. Next year I hope to start moving up in the company.”

14 . I need it yesterday – an informal way to say it is needed immediately
Example:  “can I send that report to you later this afternoon?
No, I need that report yesterday!” 

15. A two- way street – both people or both groups can contribute or benefit from the situation
Example:  “We want to help you, but we need your help too. It should be a two-way street.”

16. It will never fly – it won’t be successful
Example:  “We don’t have to worry about their idea competing with ours. It will never fly.”

17. It’s a jungle out there – it’s difficult market with many tough competitors
Example:  “Do you think a new company can survive without a unique product? It’s a jungle out there!”

18. Jump through hoops – trying very hard (like a dog doing tricks!)
Example:  “He’s a tough boss. All of his subordinates have to jump through hoops to prove their loyalty to the company”

19. Put your cards on the table – be completely honest
Example:  “I think it’s time to put all of our cards on the table. Here’s what we need.”

20. Learning curve – how much time needed to learn something new
Example:  “The new software has a long learning curve, so we have to give our staff enough time to learn how to use it well.”

21. Level playing field – equal conditions for all people or groups
Example:  “the WTO agreement helps to level the playing field, which gives us the chance to compete anywhere on the world.”

22. The lion’s share – the largest part
Example:  “if we want the lion’s share of the profit, we have to do the lion’s share of the work.”

23. Number crunching – analyze numbers
Example:  “I’ll go back to my office and do some number crunching, then tell you the results tomorrow.”

24. Pipe dream – something that is unrealistic 
Example:  “Do you think we can really live on the moon some day, or is it just a pipe dream?”

25. Play hardball – deal in a tough way
Example:  “if he tries to block this deal in any way, we’ll just have to start playing hardball.”

26. Power lunch – big business dealing while eating lunch
Example:  “The top executives met with their bankers at the best restaurant in town. It was a real power lunch.”

27. Push the envelope – move beyond current limits
Example:  “Teacher Joe is always pushing the envelope by giving us new activities such as dictations, jokes and interesting discussion topics.”

28. Put on the map – make well-known
Example:  “they have had some good products in the past, but nothing special. This new device is so good that if finally puts them on the map.”

29. Savvy – smart and knowledgeable
Example:  “ he is a savvy investor so there is a high probability this project will be successful.”

30. Sea change – a large change
Example:  “Globalization has brought about a sea change. Those who don’t change will end up sinking!”

31. Flying by the seat of your pants – intuitively (flying an airplane with no instruments)
Example:  “who knows if they will succeed or not? Without a clear business plan, they are just flying by the seat of their pants.”

32. Shotgun approach – strike widely rather than focusing
Example:  “taking a shotgun approach in a big risk. We may not hit any target at all. If we can identify one good target, we can develop a more precise marketing plan.”

33. Step up to the plate – take responsibility
Example:  “we have done all that we can to prepare. Now it’s time to step up to the plate and do it.”

34. Talk unit you are blue in the face – try to persuade someone with no results
Example:  “you can talk until you are blue in the face. But I will never believe that teacher Joe is the funniest English teacher in the world.”

35. The bottom line – the final result
Example:  “although we worked hard on this deal, the bottom line is we didn’t make the sale, so it was a complete failure.”

36. The name of the game is…-the basic purpose
Example:  “the name of the game is service. if we focus on that, the customers will always come back.”

37. Take a haircut – take a loss
Example:  “we really took a haircut on that one! We are going to have to negotiate a better deal next time.”

38. Tweak something – make a slight adjustment
Example:  “by tweaking the economy, the government hopes to avoid a recession.”

39. Unwind a deal – take apart or undo something
Example:  “we have to unwind this deal, then we can start over again.”

40. A  zero sum game – a situation where someone wins so someone else must lose.
Example:  “I don’t think this is a zero sum game. If the customer wins, we win too.”

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