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Listening skill- lesson 5

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0:17less than five
0:19departure and farewell
0:23basic patterns
0:27I have to get going
0:30see you later
0:33see you
0:36I should go now
0:41I'll talk to you later
0:44I've got to get going
0:48I'd better
0:51I'll see you around
0:54I'll catch you later
0:57till we meet again
1:00keep in touch
1:03we should meet again
1:06was nice meeting you
1:09take care
1:24I have to get going my wife is waiting come on have one more beer sorry you
1:30know how she gets if I keep her waiting are you going out tonight
1:34yes we are going to see her parents you'll miss the game
1:38yeah I know look I've got to get out of here
1:41ok buddy see you later to you
1:47up to
1:49mom it looks like my flight is boarding yes I guess they do is I should go now i
1:54cant believe you're really going to college
1:57neither can I call you when I land yes please do that I want to know your safe
2:02dont worry so much I have to go I love you I love you too bye dear
2:10on three
2:13did you like the store
2:14shaded I swept the floor too good this was a pretty busy day wasn't it
2:20Cheryl ads I'll be here bright and early tomorrow sounds good Peter C you then
2:25have a good night boss you to Peter
2:33it's been a fun year at school it sure as we are you going for the summer
2:38probably back with my parents what about you I have a job with a lawyer in Boston
2:43just spend the summer in my dad's office you should come visit me then when you
2:48have time that would be nice I think I will well I'd better go give me a hug
2:54keep in touch I will good bye bye bye
3:04that was a good movie it really was I'm glad you came
3:08i'm glad you asked me do you want to do this again sometime that would be nice
3:12when maybe next Saturday is that good for you I think so why don't you give me
3:18a call
3:19alright well I better go I had a good time
3:23me to buy now
3:42I have to get going
3:48to leave
3:50to run
3:56my wife is waiting
3:58my husband is waiting
4:01there is waiting
4:03my girlfriend is waiting
4:11oh come on have one more beer
4:15will come on have one more drink
4:19come on have one more glass
4:23oh come on have one more round
4:30are you going out tonight
4:33are you going out
4:36are you going out today
4:39are you going out later
4:46mom it looks like my flight is boarding
4:50it looks like my flight is arriving
4:54mom it looks like my flight is ready
4:58mom it looks like my flight is here
5:06I can't believe you're really going to college
5:11can't believe you're really going to medical school
5:18believe you're really going to law school
5:22believe you're really going to graduate school
5:32I'll call you when I land
5:35I'll call you when I arrived
5:38I'll call you when I get there
5:42call you when I reach my destination
5:50I want to know your safe
5:53to know your ok
5:56to know you're alright
5:59to know your safe and sound
6:06I swept the
6:07board too
6:08I mopped the floor too
6:12clean the floor too
6:14I scrubbed the floor too
6:21I have a job
6:23job with a lawyer in Boston
6:27with a dentist in Boston
6:31with a doctor in Boston
6:35job with an accountant in Boston
6:44I'll just spend the summer in my dad's office
6:48I'll just spend the spring in my dad's office
6:52I'll just spend the winter in my dad's office
6:57I'll just spend the fall in my dad's office
7:06you should come visit me then when you have time
7:11find me then when you have time
7:14you should come see me then when you have time
7:17you should come get me then when you have time
7:26I'll call you when I land
7:29own you when I land
7:32dream you when I land
7:34I'll telephone you when I land
7:42that was a good movie
7:45that was a good play
7:47was a good performance
7:50that was a good game
7:58maybe next Saturday
8:01maybe next Tuesday
8:04maybe next Friday
8:06maybe next Wednesday
8:19on log
8:22shelley is saying goodbye to her mom because she is going to college
8:28she's flying on an airplane
8:30like many american students she is going far from home for college
8:35American college students often have a lot of Independence especially when they
8:40go far from home for school sometimes they only come home during the school
8:45year for Christmas break
8:47the American school year normally lasts from September to May
8:52bath and add have finished a year of college
8:56beth is going back to her parents for the summer
9:00some college students do this often in order to save money
9:04other students like a man go to work in cities far away
9:09this experience can help them prepare for their careers after college

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