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Listening skill- lesson 6

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0:17lesson 6
0:19likes and dislikes
0:23basic patterns
0:27I don't feel like cooking
0:30I like Chinese food
0:34I love dogs
0:37I don't like him
0:40do you like football
0:43I hate the Yankees
0:46I'm crazy about pizza
0:50I'm craving something to eat
0:55for your opinion
0:58a great deal
1:01I loathe the sight of you
1:05I'm fond of Italian music
1:09he doesn't find his job very appealing
1:13she's attracted to fast cars
1:17I can't stand these people
1:33I'm hungry and I don't feel like cooking do you just want to order some food
1:38sounds good to me what do you want I don't know maybe Mexican food I don't
1:44really like Mexican food it is too spicy how about Chinese sure I like Chinese
1:50food let's call that Chinese restaurant great get the menu
2:01oh look at that puppy I didn't know you liked dogs are you kidding I adore dogs
2:06did you have a dog when you were growing up
2:09ways we always had dogs in my family my mom was allergic to dogs so we never had
2:15any that's too bad I love dogs
2:24do you like football I got an extra ticket to the Ravens game of course I
2:29love football I know a guy who gets these tickets from his job how does he
2:33do that his boss knows a player on the team
2:36oh well that's pretty nice
2:40I long for
2:43that's a nice spin thanks it was a gift from my father it looks like an antique
2:49it's been in my family for a long time in heirloom I guess you can say that
2:54I've always cherished it
3:02what do you think of that NUCCA I do you mean Tony yeah that guy from Manchester
3:07I don't like him why is that he just says a lot of stupid things I guess he
3:13is pretty obnoxious let's not invite him out with us tonight if you say so but I
3:17hope he doesn't find out maybe we can avoid him
3:30substitution drills
3:37I don't really like Mexican food
3:41I dislike Mexican food
3:43I hate Mexican food
3:47I did test Mexican food
3:54it is too spicy
3:57it is too hot
3:59it is too rich
4:01it is too bland
4:09let's call that Chinese restaurant
4:12let's call that Thai restaurant
4:15let's call
4:16Italian restaurant
4:18let's call that German restaurant
4:25are you kidding
4:27are you joking
4:29are you serious
4:31are you for real
4:38I adore dogs
4:40I adore cats
4:43door horses
4:45I adore pigs
4:52did you have a dog when you were growing up
4:56you haven't
4:57when you were little
4:59to have a dog when you were small
5:02did you have a dog when you were a child
5:10we always had dogs and my family
5:15generally had dogs and my family
5:17we occasionally had dogs and my family
5:21we never had dogs and my family
5:28I've got an extra ticket
5:30get to the Ravens game
5:32I've got an extra ticket to the Bears game
5:36I've got an extra ticket to the Redskins game
5:40I've got an extra ticket to the Giants game
5:48that's a nice pan
5:51that's a nice pencil
5:54that's a nice watch
5:56that's a nice necklace
6:03that's a nice pass
6:06that's a good plan
6:08pretty pan
6:10that's a valuable pan
6:17I've always cherish
6:20I've always esteemed it
6:23I've always prized it
6:26I always valued it
6:33I guess he's pretty obnoxious
6:36I guess he's pretty annoying
6:40I guess he's pretty bothersome
6:42I guess he's pretty irritating
6:50his boss knows a player on the team
6:54his employer knows a player on the team
6:58is supervisor knows a player on the team
7:02is co worker knows a player on the team
7:10he just says a lot of
7:12speed things
7:15as a lot of dumb things
7:18he just says a lot of ridiculous things
7:21he just
7:22says a lot of ignorance things
7:29let's not invite him out with us tonight
7:33let's not ask him out with us tonight
7:37let's not request him out with us tonight
7:41let's not bring him out with us tonight
7:58chairman Alice are ordering their food to be delivered for dinner
8:02america this is very common many restaurants have delivery service
8:09a person can just call them on the telephone and place their order
8:13sometimes they have to come in and pick up the food
8:17but often the restaurant can send one of their employees out to deliver the food
8:22pizza and Chinese food are the two most popular delivered foods sandwiches are
8:29also popular to be delivered
8:31it is customary to tip the delivery person give them a dollar or two when
8:36paying for the food if the delivery is late there is no need to give a tip

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