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Listening skill- lesson 8

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0:25less than eight
0:26delights and surprises
0:31basic patterns
0:35oh it's wonderful
0:41this is such a surprise
0:47so happy
0:51can you believe what our teacher did today
0:57this comes as a surprise
1:02best thing happened to me today
1:08this is better than expected
1:13how delightful
1:18this is incredible
1:23I can't believe how
1:29this is terrific
1:34that's fantastic
1:39well this is a nice surprise
1:45I'm delighted to see you
2:100 kurt is you got me a kitten and well you said you wanted one but couldn't
2:16make up your mind so I guess you made it up for me have yeah I guess so so what
2:21do you think oh it's wonderful is it a boy or a girl a girl
2:26well we have to come up with a name for her don't we
2:29any ideas we'll have to see think you again so much
2:33well you're welcome happy birthday again Emily
2:42he will turn on the television y im trying to rest
2:46they're going to announce the winning lottery number do you still buy those
2:50stupid lottery tickets
2:51yes now turn on the TV for a second ok ok we look that's my number I bought the
2:59ticket yeah it's right here
3:03wow I take back what I said how much did you win
3:08well $63 that's not much to win yeah but it's something
3:19how many more votes
3:20left to count I think we're almost done are you allowed in the counting room why
3:25should I not be allowed because silly you're one of the candidates for class
3:30president remember oh it doesn't matter I'm not going to win no one will win if
3:35you don't let me finish counting I'm sorry to bother you
3:38well it looks like you're the new class president by four votes really well that
3:44vote was so close
3:45well during the winter it looks like this is such as surprised I thought I
3:50was going to lose I'm so happy
3:59believe what our teacher did today what does she do she gave a surprise test
4:03what's wrong with that obviously surprised test is bad is it bad because
4:09you were not prepared exactly that sounds like more your fault than the
4:14teachers fault what kind of friend are you to say that I'm just trying to be
4:18fair to your teacher anyway it's not like you study every night yourself true
4:23but if my teacher gave surprise tests I would study every night then they
4:30wouldn't be surprised tests maybe you're right either way I guess you should
4:35study more I don't want to talk to you right now
4:43I have the x-ray results back good what do they show you this is interesting
4:49don't keep me in suspense well the pain in your leg is not from running know
4:54well then what is it it's an older fracture that didn't quite he'll how is
4:59that possible
5:00have you injured that leg before yes I fell skiing last march you probably got
5:06a small fracture at that time running recently just made it worse
5:11that's kind of a surprise I never thought of that is common just rest for
5:16a few weeks and come back for another exam then
5:36substitution drills
5:44so I guess you made it up for me
5:50so I guess you decided for me
5:57so I guess you made a decision for me
6:04so I guess you reached at
6:07in for me
6:15well we have to come up for a name for her don't we
6:22well we have to think of a name for her don't we
6:29well we have to
6:31pick a name for her don't Lee
6:36well we have to
6:38for her don't we
6:47they're going to announce the winning lottery number
6:54they're going to give the winning lottery number
7:01they're going to reveal the winning lottery number
7:13oh wow kurt is you got me a kitten
7:19oh wow Curtis you got me a puppy
7:26oh wow Curtis you got me a dog
7:33oh wow Curtis you got me a cat
7:45hey will turn on the television
7:51hey will turn on the radio
7:56will turn on the computer
8:02hey will turn on the air conditioner
8:13how many more
8:14are there left to count
8:19how many more
8:20butts are there left count
8:25how many more entries are there left to count
8:32how many more tickets are there left to count
8:42because silly your way
8:44one of the candidates for class president
8:49because silly you're one of the contenders for class president
8:58because silly you're one of the applications for class president
9:06cuz silly you're one of them
9:08abilities for class president
9:16oh it doesn't matter
9:21oh it is meaningless
9:26oh it is unimportant
9:31oh it is irrelevant
9:40no one will win if you don't let me finish counting
9:47no one will win if you don't let me finish figuring
9:53no one will win if you don't let me finish adding
10:00no one will win
10:10she gave a surprise test
10:15she gave a surprise exam
10:21gave a surprise quiz
10:27she gave a surprise assignment
10:35is it bad because you are not prepared
10:41isn't bad because you were not ready
10:47is it bad because you were caught off guard
10:53is it bad because you were not expecting it
11:04well that sounds like more your fault then the teachers fault
11:13well that sounds like more your responsibility
11:17the teachers fault
11:21well that sounds like more you're doing then the teachers fault
11:29that sounds like more your mistake than the teachers fault
11:40this is such a surprise
11:45this is such a
11:50this is such a revelation
11:55this is such
12:04well you probably got a small fracture at the time
12:11well you probably got a small break at the time
12:19you probably got a small injury at the time
12:27know you probably got a small crack at the time
12:39it's an older Fri
12:40sure they didn't quite feel
12:46it's an older fracture the didn't quite recover
12:53it's an older fresh
12:54after the didn't quite repair
12:59older Fri
13:00sure that didn't quite get better
13:25Kate was excited to win her school's election almost every school in america
13:30has a student council
13:33this is a small group of students elected by other students as their
13:40they assist the school's teachers in planning student events and represent
13:46their classmates in school decisions
13:49an important benefit of this system is that it introduces students to the
13:54democratic process
13:56they get an early look at how voting works and learn the importance of
14:01choosing their representatives
14:04some complained that school elections are just popularity contests but the
14:09same thing is also said about national elections

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