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Small Talk - 09 Dec 2015 - I realize that I hate my job

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A: I realize that I hate my job.
B: What's wrong with it?
A: I always have to treat customers like royalty.
B: Even when the customer is wrong?
A: At my job, the customer is always right.
B: Tell me a bad experience you had.
A: A customer dropped his drink on me once.
B: And then what happened?
A: He started getting mad at me!
B: That is so unreasonable.
A: Then, my manager told me to apologize.
B: You should quit.

A: Hey, Mr. Smith. Are you busy?
B: Not at all. What's going on?
A: I've been working with the company for 10 years.
B: Yes, and I appreciate your dedication.
A: I think I should get a raise for my dedication.
B: Of course, but it must be reasonable.
A: I think I should be paid $30 an hour.
B: That's a little too much.
A: I have a master's degree, and I'm a great worker.
B: I know, but the economy is bad.
A: How about $25 an hour?
B: That can be considered!

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