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Small Talk - 11 Dec 2015- You are late to work again!

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Small Talk - 11 Dec 2015

A. You are late to work again!
B. I'm very sorry.
A. How do you manage to make it late every day?
B. I don't mean to be so late.
A. You look very tired.
B. I didn't get enough sleep.
A. If you sleep earlier, you'll rise earlier.
B. I can't sleep that early.
A. Why? Are you a night owl?
B. No, I'm just very busy with housework.
A. Well, set your alarm and wake up on time.
B. I won't be late again, I promise.

A: I'm thinking of moving to Texas.
B: Why? You love California.
A: I do, but there's a great teaching job in Texas.
B: How much would you get?
A: I would get $70,000 a year.
B: How much do you make now?
A: I earn $60,000 a year.
B: I still don't think you should move.
A: Really? Why not?
B: All your friends and family are here.
A: Are there any other reasons?
B: I think you'll earn $70,000 if you're patient.

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