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Small Talk - 18 Dec 2015 - It's finally lunch time!

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A: It's finally lunch time!
B: I've been counting the minutes.
A: How long is our lunch break?
B: It's 30 minutes.
A: That's it? I worked for 5 hours.
B: I know it's terrible, but what can we do?
A: Can we protest?
B: We would get fired.
A: But we deserve a longer lunch break.
B: I agree. I think we should have 1 hour.
A: Let's start a petition rather than protest.
B: A petition is a perfect idea!

A: Before this interview starts, any questions?
B: Nope, I am ready to go.
A: Okay, great. Tell me about yourself.
B: I'm 35 years old with a degree in teaching.
A: Why do you want to become a teacher?
B: I want to improve students' futures.
A: What subject would you like to teach?
B: I would love to teach science. I was a science teacher once.
A: Interesting! What made you change jobs?
B: Scientists don't really interact with kids.
A: True! I'll call you back if I decide to hire you.
B: Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon.

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