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Small Talk - 30 Dec 2015 - Talk about your talents

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A: I'm trying to find a job, and it's hard.
B: I think it's because you have never worked before.
A: You're right, employers like to see someone with experience.
B: That is unfortunate.
A: I can't get a job if no one will give me a chance.
B: Try to sell yourself.
A: How am I going to do that?
B: Talk about your talents.
A: I can lick my nose!
B: Not that kind of talent.
A: I am the captain of the basketball team.
B: There you go! Try mentioning that.

A: I'm trying to find a job to pay for college.
B: Good for you!
A: Do you have a job right now?
B: Yes, I am a waitress.
A: Any tips on finding a part-time job?
B: Be friendly, offer your resume, and dress nicely.
A: I've done that so many times.
B: Sometimes companies don't need any employees.
A: How did you get your job?
B: Just send applications and hope someone calls.
A: So is it based on luck?
B: A little bit luck helps!

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