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Small Talk - 06 Jan 2016 - What is your job?

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A: What is your job?
B: I'm a teacher.
A: What grade do you teach?
B: I teach 9th graders.
A: Do you like your job?
B: I hate it.
A: What do you hate the most?
B: I hate that they never listen to me.
A: You can always punish them.
B: I hit them.
A: You what?!
B: I'm just kidding!

A: How was your first day of work?
B: It was terrible.
A: What happened?
B: My coworkers bullied me.
A: How did they bully you?
B: They said I didn't deserve to be there.
A: You're the most passionate veterinarian I know!
B: I don't deserve this kind of treatment.
A: Do you have any idea why they bullied you?
B: It's because they're a lot older than me.
A: You need to talk to your boss.
B: Yeah, I will.

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