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Small Talk - 19 Feb 2016

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2. "Appointment" & Small talk

• have an appointment
• make an appointment
• an appointment to do something
• book an appointment  (British English)
• schedule an appointment  (American English)  (=make an appointment)
• cancel an appointment
• miss an appointment
• keep an appointment (=go to an appointment you have arranged)
doctor's/dentist's/dental appointment
by appointment (only) (= only if you make an appointment in advance)

appointment with

She has an appointment with a client at 10.30.
You should phone his secretary if you want to make an appointment.
I have an appointment to see the doctor.
Please give us plenty of notice if you have to cancel an appointment.
For the third time in a row, she had failed to keep her appointment.
I was already forty-five minutes late for a dental appointment.
All consultations are by appointment only.
Small talk

A: Does this hat match my suit?
B: Well, it's the same color.
A: That's good enough for me.
B: Are you going to a dinner party?
A: No, I'm going to a job interview.
B: Then maybe you should wear a tie.
A: That's a good idea.
B: Also, I would not wear the hat if I were you.
A: Why not? It matches well.
B: You look like a mobster from the movies!
A: Don't hats make you look more professional?
B: Only if you're applying to be a hit-man.

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