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Small Talk - 24 Feb 2016

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A: I am going to get the meat loaf.
B: Get anything but the meat loaf.
A: What's wrong with the meat loaf?
B: I got food poisoning when I ordered meat loaf here.
A: Thanks for telling me.
B: No problem. I'm going to get the egg rolls.
A: I'm still going to get the meat loaf.
B: Did you not hear what I said?
A: I did, but I'll take the risk.
B: Don't say I didn't warn you.
A: Don't worry, I won't.
B: Have fun throwing up later.

3. "Food"

He is off his food (= he does not want to eat anything.)
Food poisoning= foodborne illness = foodborne disease = foodborne infection
Convenience food
Slow food
Fast food
Functional food = nutraceutical
Health food
Junk food
Wholefood; (Plural: wholefoods)
• Eat plenty of wholefoods such as wholemeal bread, brown rice, nuts and pulses.
• a wholefood restaurant
Food for thought
•The programme certainly provides plenty of food for thought.
Food chain;   foodless: go foodless;
Food bank;   foodie = foody;   foodstuff;   food court

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