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Small talk - 02 March 2016 - Trade

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Business English
Trade (n)    
 [= commerce]
trade between
-      There has been a marked increase in trade between East and West.
-      international trade agreements
-      unfair trade practices
trade in
-      Trade in ivory has been banned since 1990.
the arms/drug/slave etc trade (=the buying and selling of weapons, drugs etc)
 ➔ trade war

 the hotel/tourist etc trade
the business done by companies, hotels etc
-      Working on Saturdays is usual in the retail trade.
t of business
business activity, especially the amount of goods or products that are sold [= business]:
-      A lot of pubs nowadays do most of their trade at lunchtimes.
passing trade (=customers who go into a shop when they are passing it, not regular customers)
-      Souvenir shops rely mainly on passing trade.
➔ do a roaring trade
ange of things
when you exchange something you have for something that someone else has:
Let's make a trade
In the trade
a particular kind of business, and the people who are involved in it:
I could get Ron to look at your car for you; he works in the trade.

Small talk 02 March 2016
A: Does your girlfriend ever make you angry?
B: Sometimes.
A: What does she do?
B: Just yesterday, I told her I wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world.
A: That was a nice thing to say.
B: That's what I thought.
A: What did she say?
B: She laughed! She didn't believe me.
A: That wasn't very nice of her.
B: She said that nothing is more important to me than money.
A: What did you say?
B: I told her I wouldn't trade her for any other woman in the world.

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