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small talk 08 /04 /2016

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A: A new hotel is looking for workers.
B: Yes, I saw it on the TV news.
A: They need 300 new workers.
B: And 4,000 people showed up.
A: So many people are out of work.
B: I still have my job, thank goodness.
A: So do I, but I'm worried.
B: Me too. There are no guarantees.
A: If you lose your job, you can move in with me.
B: Oh, thank you. That's very nice of you.
A: You would do the same for me.
B: Of course. What are friends for?

2. "Countryside"

BrE / ˈkʌntrisaɪd /
NAmE / ˈkʌntrisaɪd /
[ uncountable ]
 land outside towns and cities, with fields, woods, etc
• The surrounding countryside is windswept and rocky.
• magnificent views over open countryside
 Everyone should enjoy the right of access to the countryside.

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