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small talk - 13 Apr 2016

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1. 2 small talks


A: I'm sleepy.
B: So am I.
A: I had a long day.
B: So did I.
A: I didn't even have lunch.
B: Neither did I.
A: I was busy the whole day.
B: So was I.
A: I had to bring work home with me.
B: I did too.
A: Your day was just like mine.
B: Of course it was. We work together!

A: Life is hard.
B: It sure is.
A: I thought school was hard.
B: Me too. I couldn't wait to graduate.
A: But now work is hard, too.
B: I agree. Work is just as hard as school.
A: Sometimes I wish I was back in school.
B: Me too. School was fun.
A: And it was only 12 years.
B: It went by pretty fast.
A: But work goes on forever!
B: We have to work for 30 years!
2. "Coast"

coast noun, verb
BrE / kəʊst / ;      NAmE / koʊst /

Noun [ countable,  uncountable ]
the land beside or near to the sea or ocean

• a town on the south coast of England
• islands off the west coast of Ireland
• a trip to the coast
• We walked along the coast for five miles.
• the Welsh coast
• a pretty stretch of coast
• the coast road

the ˌcoast is ˈclear ( informal ): there is no danger of being seen or caught.

As soon as the coast was clear he climbed in through the window.

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